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Examples of countries with L

The countries whose names begin with L are located on the Asian, European and African continents. They are very small countries in terms of territorial extension, but they keep an interesting history, for students of geography , culture and history of peoples.

There are 9 countries whose names begin with L distributed in three continents . Let’s get to know a little about them.

Example of countries with L in Asia

The Asian continent is the largest of all the continents, and the most populated, since it concentrates more than 60% of the world’s population. Among the countries that comprise them are Laos and Lebanon.

  1. Laos

Laos has an area of ​​236,800 km², for a number of inhabitants that exceeds 7 million. More than a third of the population is under the age of 15, young and productive.

It is located in Southeast Asia, has borders to the North with China and Vietnam; to the East, with Vietnam, to the South with Cambodia; to the West, with Thailand and to the Northwest with Myanmar.

Laos receives the largest foreign investment from nearby countries such as China, Malaysia, Japan, Thailand and others. It also contributes the European Union and North America.

  1. Lebanon

It really is a very small country, with only 10,452 km², it is home to 6 million inhabitants. It is located on the eastern coast of the Mediterranean Sea. To the North and East, it has border limits with Syria; to the West with the Mediterranean Sea itself and to the South, with the State of Israel.

Arabic is their official language although French and English are spoken. It exports its products to countries of the European Union , Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Iraq, Egypt and others.

The main suppliers of products in the country are: Greece, Italy, China, Turkey, Russia, Germany, France, Switzerland and others.

 Example of countries with L in Africa

Africa is another giant continent, after Asia and America. It covers about 20% of the landmass and there are about 543 sovereign states. Among them:

  1. Lesotho

It is a very small country, with only 30,350 km² and a population of 2,050,000 inhabitants. It is located between the Free State, Eastern Cape and Kwazulu-Natal provinces. Its official language is Sesotho and English, however, Zulu and other dialects are spoken.

It is an eminently rural country, since its urban population is only 28%. However, it exports clothing and accessories, metals, machinery and equipment. It requires other countries such as South Africa, China and Taiwan, to provide oil, vehicles and related to the transport sector .

  1. Liberia

It is a coastal country, located in the western part of the African continent, bordered to the North by Guinea Conakry; to the South and West with the Atlantic Ocean and the Gulf of Guinea; to the Northwest with Sierra Leone and, to the East with Ivory Coast.

Its territorial extension covers 111,360 km², for a population of 4,800,906 people, of which the majority are of African origin; an American-Liberian minority and descendants of slaves.

Many dialects are spoken, among which are: grebo, guisí, kpele, gola, “Liberian English” and others. But its official language is English.

  1. Libya

It is located in an excellent geographical position as it limits the North with the Mediterranean Sea; to the south with Chad; to the Southeast with Niger, to the West with Tunisia and Algeria and to the east with Egypt. It is relatively large with respect to the countries described. Its territorial extension is 1,750,540 km².

It houses a population of 6,800,000 inhabitants who speak the Arabic and Berber languages. Languages ​​of migrant populations also coexist , Italian and English. It is an urban country with 86% of its population settled in cities.

Example of countries with L in Europe

Europe is one of the smallest continents, yet it has many countries that have been powers throughout history. Among the countries that comprise it are:

  1. Latvia

It is a small country with access to the Baltic Sea. Its land area is 64,589 km², which is home to more than 1,900,000 people. Most speak the Latvian language, but there are other languages ​​such as: Russian, Polish, Ukrainian and Lithuanian.

It has land borders with Estonia, to the North; Lithuania to the south, Russian Federation to the east, and to the southeast with Belarus.

It exports its production to Lithuania, Sweden, Russia, Germany and others. It also imports products from those countries together with Poland.

  1. Liechtenstein

Its official name is the Principality of Liechtenstein; It is a very small country, it only has 160 km² to house a population of 39,000 inhabitants.

Its official language is German. 34% of its population is originally from Switzerland, Australia, Germany and Italy. Incredibly, its population is eminently rural with 85% of them dedicated to the primary production sector.

Its import and export trade is carried out with Germany, Austria, France, China, Spain and others.

  1. Lithuania

Lithuania has an outlet to the Baltic Sea, a coastline that facilitates trade. It limits to the North with Latvia, to the South with Belarus, to the Southeast with Poland and to the West with the Baltic Sea. It is a small country, it only has 65,000 km ² and concentrates a population of 3,500,000.

Its Lithuanian language is considered one of the oldest in Europe, together with Latvian it makes up the Eurasian linguistic legacy.

Its population is mostly Lithuanian, but it is home to Poles, Russians and others in a smaller percentage. Establishes trade relations with Russia, Latvia, Poland, Germany and others. It is an exporter of chemical products, machinery, petroleum products and others.

  1. Luxembourg

Its official name is the Duchy of Luxembourg, and it is surrounded by countries such as France, Germany and Belgium. Its surface area is 2,586 km² to accommodate approximately 600,000 people. Most are Caucasian.

It has 3 official languages: Luxembourgish, German and French. Its population is very young, made up of 67% and it has a high percentage of foreign population.

It develops a wide activity by economic sectors such as: finance, transport, hostelry , scientific activities, construction, agriculture and fishing. It maintains excellent export and import trade relations with Germany, Belgium, France, the Netherlands and the United States.

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