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Examples of countries with D

There are not many countries that start with D , there are only 4. However, the ones that exist are interesting and are distributed over 3 continents . They have very unique characteristics, either because they are very small, islands or almost polar territory. Let’s see the description of each one.

Examples of countries with D in Europe

In the European continent there is only 1 country that begins with D.

  1. Denmark

Denmark is an almost polar country, it is located north of the European continent with an area of ​​42,900 km², not including the territory of Greenland and the Faroe Islands. It has border limits with Norway, Sweden, Germany and the North Sea. Along with this country coexist 2 autonomous territories such as Greenland and the Faroe Islands.

Its population amounts to 5,800,000 until December 2020. In this country the majority of Danes coexist, and the rest are from non-Western countries. Its official language is Danish. 

Examples of countries with D in Africa

On the African continent there is only one country with D.

  1. Djiouti, Djibouti

It is a country with access to the Red Sea and is located between Eritrea and Somalia. It has a coastline of 380 km through which a good part of the oil cargo that comes from the Arabian Peninsula transits. But it is also a source of fish production.

Its agriculture is very little due to the aridity of the soil, however it has an important maritime trade. It is occupied by a little more than a million inhabitants, the majority are black, but there is a minority group made up of Italian, French and Arab whites.

It also hosts more than ten thousand refugees from neighboring countries, despite the impoverished conditions it suffers, many foreigners find opportunities to survive in this country.

Examples of countries with D in the Caribbean

What is commonly called the Caribbean is really the central portion of the American continent. In Central America there are 2 countries with D. Let’s see who it is.

  1. Dominican Republic

It is an island country, perhaps one of the largest, with an area of ​​48,500 km² that is home to 10,300,000 people, most of whom speak the Spanish language. Its limits are maritime, to the North with the Atlantic Ocean; to the South, with Venezuelan maritime waters; to the West, with Haiti and to the East with the Mona channel, a sea passage to the Caribbean.

The country is a tourist destination par excellence and its infrastructure has been adapting to this economy, managing to offer splendid sites for national and foreign tourists .

  1. Dominica Caribbean

It is also an island country, with a territorial extension of 751 km². It is part of the Lesser Antilles of the Caribbean and of the territories that France has in this region. It limits with Guadeloupe to the North and Martinique to the South; both French territories.

Dominica is a tourist country, but it also produces bananas, soap, oils, footwear and others. The inhabitants do not exceed one million distributed in three main regions. Most speak English, however French. Patwa, French Patois, and other dialects are spoken fairly fluently.

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