Examples of corporate purpose of a company

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When it comes to creating a company , there are several important points that must be taken into consideration, including the object or purpose of it. This aspect is perhaps one of the most outstanding since, its content must be explicit and exact when it comes to expressing it in the constitutive document of the company.

We can then define the corporate purpose of a company as the group of activities that a certain company is going to carry out or perform. This corporate purpose must have three (3) fundamental characteristics , the first is that it must be possible to execute , the second is about its legality , that is, it cannot be contrary to the law, and finally it must be determinable , it is In other words, it must be in detail correct and according to the purpose of the company.

When registering a company in the corresponding commercial register , the corporate purpose must be very well prepared, since, otherwise, the registration or registration may be rejected. In this sense, it is important to point out that said document must be made by a competent lawyer in the matter.

The activities that can be included in the corporate purpose can be varied and do not necessarily have to be related to each other, as long as they do not conflict with one another.

Can the corporate purpose be modified?

If it can be done, through a full meeting of the partners or board of directors . Said meeting will draw up a minute, where they can add, modify or remove any aspect of the company’s corporate purpose. After this, the legal representative will take that record to the corresponding registry so that it can be registered and added to the company’s file.

At what moment is the object of the company carried out?

Right at the time of incorporation . The object, that is, what it is going to do and what it is going to dedicate, must be included in the company’s articles of incorporation.

Examples of corporate purpose of a company

1.    Bakery

Manufacture of bakery, pastry and confectionery products. Creation and distribution of breads, sweets, cakes, desserts, drinks and in general everything related to it. Distribution and manufacture of materials necessary for the preparation of cakes, breads in their various presentations and hot and cold drinks.

2.    Consulting

Financial and economic consulting. Management and accounting service, development and training of companies at a national and international level. Service marketing , advertising and market research, commissions, allowances, sales of products and services to the largest and the retail.

3.    Security

Consulting, projects, studies, audits and training in the area of ​​security. Attention in security, rescue, calamities and fires, mastery in security procedures and supervision of private and public works. Attention and action in cases of emergency, rescue, trade and distribution of electronic equipment and safety and protection manuals.

4.    Distribution of machinery

Sales , distribution, purchase and acquisition of manual and electronic machinery, maintenance and distribution of water machines and equipment necessary for their maintenance. Sales of equipment and items necessary for the repair and maintenance of water machines and in general.

5.    Legal advice

Sale of advisory services in legal, criminal, civil, commercial, legal and legal representation for both natural and legal persons. Services drafting and preparation of legal documents relating to the legal representation of people.

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