Examples of Corporate Image

A corporate image is defined as the design used to represent what the company is about, this image is extremely important since through it the public can observe and know the services or brand products.

The main objective of the corporate image is to make a good market, when this image is well worked it will bring great benefits.

30 Examples of Corporate Image

  1. Google.
  2. Nike.
  3. Studio f.
  4. Cougar.
  5. Coca Cola.
  6. Pepsi cola.
  7. Ariel.
  8. Lacoste.
  9. Femini.
  10. White Point.
  11. McDonald’s.
  12. Orlen.
  13. Dove.
  14. Motorola.
  15. Chevrolet.
  16. Malibu.
  17. Gina.
  18. Traki.
  19. Animal Planet.
  20. Samsung.
  21. Facebook.
  22. Pepe.
  23. Dilorenst.
  24. My mom creations.
  25. Compucenter.
  26. Kikiriki chicken.
  27. Ali jose.
  28. Dental clinic.
  29. News eli.
  30. Emily gifts.

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