Examples of corporate identity manual

Corporate identity manual

This manual refers to the elements that make up a brand throughout a document. This document explains the steps or procedures that must be carried out in order to bring out the brand that is being worked on and how it should be visually projected on the online platform as well as on the offline.

The corporate identity manual shows how the logo is or should be, the corporate colors, the typeface that must be implemented or the one that is used and in general all the aspects that must be taken into account when showing the visual composition Of the brand.

When developing new designs or working based on your brand or logo, it is necessary to have an identity manual that allows you to maintain the focus and essential aspects of your brand. This in order that all those who are going to work on it maintain a single criterion when establishing the designs. This is what is known as brand consistency.

Large companies such as Adidas, Nike, Pinterest, Mc Donalds, among others, manage their own manuals through which they make very clear the steps to follow in order to maintain their visual identity.

Elements that make up a corporate identity manual

  • Logo: in this part of the manual, the logo or brand of the company must be placed on a white background and on a black background. All in order to have a broad perspective in terms of viewing from both points of view.
  • Corporate colors: this space must include both the reference to the colors used in the logo or brand in all its presentations and those used when printing or displaying them on the screen.
  • Typography: the design of the writing must be shown from A to Z and from 0 to 9.

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