Examples of corporate identity

Corporate identity

Corporate identity refers to the reason for being of the company , the essence of the company. It is basically what it is, what it does and how it does it , taking into account its characteristics, its beliefs and values ​​through which it identifies itself and differentiates itself from the rest of the world.

That is why the identity of a company is directly related to its personality, its DNA , which makes it unique from the rest, I don’t know what, that attracts customers to your business.

For an identity to reach a target audience and generate full trust in its consumers, it must be solid and have a coherent relationship with the company or product, which is why it must include aspects such as:

  • Visual: logo, business card, uniform or simply the presentation of the workers.
  • Auditory: the music must be consistent with what you want to transmit in the given space
  • Olfactory: the aroma is essential in the presentation of the product you offer
  • Gustative: what identifies your brand or your product, what does it taste like
  • Tactile: what texture it presents, what emotions it awakens.

Fundamental elements of corporate identity

  • Merchandising: involves various elements such as cards, pencils, bookstore instruments, as well as other elements with which the brand is effectively advertised, thus allowing to identify the elements that make up the structure.
  • Logo: it is the first thing that the company identifies. The logo should be the main attraction and visualizer of your business or company since, despite not looking so relevant, the importance is great, because it allows personal and intimate contact between the client and the company or business.

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