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Examples of coprolalia


Coprolalia is a pathological condition in which the person who suffers from it has an irrepressible tendency to say rude words, bad words and vulgarities. It is usually associated with other psychiatric conditions and illnesses such as Tourette’s syndrome.

This disorder develops from childhood and has the following characteristics:

  • nervous tics
  • babbling in which the affected person says words that are socially frowned upon and are not normal to utter in many everyday situations, thus representing a risk factor for the person to begin to isolate themselves and present many socialization problems .

People with coprolalia often speak vulgar words in much higher tones or tones that are out of the ordinary. These obscenities can often be said involuntarily , it is a clear symptom of not having control of everything that is being said because it is linked to other disorders that disinhibit the person and, as we said, affects their life in social aspects such as work and studies, in this sense, the affected person may suffer anxiety and shame in these situations in addition to affecting concentration.


The causes of this disease are not fully clarified but it is known that a factor is the malfunction of neurotransmitters, when they do not work properly this generates uncontrollable impulses which finally causes the aforementioned movements and involuntary speech.

One of the treatments that are currently applied is based on the botulinum toxin that is known as botox, it is a type of bacteria which is injected into the vocal cords and causes the temporary relaxation of the muscles, thus avoiding verbiage. partially since it cannot be done 100%, this is complemented with treatments and exercises that help eliminate stress in patients.

Examples of Coprolalia

  1. “Her mother humiliated her with whores in front of everyone”
  2. “My boss lied to my mother without stopping”
  3. Uncontrollable self-aggression
  4. Violent reaction for no reason towards the people around them
  5. “Two gentlemen do not stop insulting each other in the subway station”
  6. “They had to put a sedative on the patient for being aggressive”
  7. Insulting someone for just stepping on their shoes
  8. Hitting a person for giving them a bad look
  9. Insulting someone without even knowing them
  10. Treat an older adult negatively and aggressively for being slower when walking.

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