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The Spanish copla or song is a musical genre whose political structure is very similar to that of romance. He was born in the early 1920s in Spain. His lyrics usually deal with themes related to love, heartbreak and various tragedies. Although many copla singers such as Isabel Pantoja interpret these types of songs with dresses with a train, the interpreter may come out dressed in a different way: such was the case of Rocío Jurado who sang dressed in evening dresses.

Among the composers of copian Quintero, León and Quiroga have excelled. Here is one of their songs:

And yet

they told me a thousand times,
but I never wanted to pay attention.
When the cries came
you were already deep in my heart.

I was waiting for you until very late,
I did not reproach you;
the most I asked you
was if you loved me.

And, under your kisses,
in the early morning,
without you noticing the cross of my anguish I
used to sing:

I love you more than my eyes,
I love you more than my life,
more than the air I breathe
and more than my mother mine.

May my pulses stop
if I stop loving you,
may the bells bend me
if I ever miss you.

You are my life and my death,
I swear to you, partner;
I shouldn’t have loved you,
I shouldn’t have loved you
and yet I love you.

You live with some and with others
and you don’t care about my loneliness;
You know you have a child.

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