Examples of conjunctions in English

The conjunctions in English represent the words used in the sentence to join two or more ideas within the same context . Conjunctions in English can establish a cause, consequence, time, opposition or a condition.

Conjunctions in English are classified into two types:

  • Subordinate conjunctions: They represent those connectors necessary to make sense of one phrase or sentence from the other. This type of conjunction is always found in front of subordinate phrases. Among the subordinate conjunctions we have: when, until, since.
  • Coordinating conjunctions: They serve as a link between the two main sentences of the context. Among which are: and, but.

20 Examples of conjunctions in English

  1. And (and)
  2. Because (as)
  3. Then (then)
  5. As (as)
  6. If (yes)
  7. However (But)
  8. Or (or)
  9. So (Therefore)
  10. So that. (So ​​that)
  11. That’s why (why)
  12. While (as)
  13. , Although (Though)
  14. Before (before)
  15. After (after)
  16. Yet (Still)
  17. But (But)
  18. When (When)
  19. Since (From)
  20. Until (Up)

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