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Examples of Conflict

The conflict is a situation that involves a difficulty, differences between two or more people and can trigger various types of confrontations. These situations are due to their own interests that collide with those of the rest or that a person, by seeking their own benefit, causes a problem to others around them.

However, conflicts can also occur because of differences in the way of thinking, beliefs and positions regarding various issues, which are contrary to those of others. Lack of understanding and tolerance can lead to all kinds of confrontations.

Examples of Conflict

  1. A couple that due to unfounded jealousy begin to have problems in their relationship, in some cases breaking up.
  2. Brothers who are confronted due to personal problems, have different ways of thinking about the same issue, which gives rise to conflict.
  3. The residents of a neighborhood who have to put up with the noise of constant loud parties within the neighborhood.
  4. A young man who is in love with a girl but who is afraid to speak thinking that she will reject him.
  5. A father of a family who finds himself in the situation of buying Christmas gifts for his children but if he does, he will not have to pay for swimming lessons in summer.
  6. Two countries confronted by a territory which they claim as their own and by not reaching an agreement unleash a warlike conflict.
  7. María rents a house to Ana for an amount of $ 600, everything was going well until Ana loses her job, causing a conflict with María.
  8. Pedro imagines that his partner Fabiola no longer feels the same for him, there is a conflict between them since he thinks that Fabiola is unfaithful to him.
  9. A person fakes a traffic accident just to collect vehicle insurance which creates a conflict.
  10. When a worker wants more payment in his salary for the day he works and the company does not want to pay him.
  11. During the creation of laws in the Assemblies, all kinds of ideas are exposed which, if they offend or accuse some members, may cause an exchange of expletives.
  12. The difference in political ideologies between parties of the right and parties of the left that has triggered many conflicts throughout history.
  13. If a person leaves his job without justification, he may enter into a conflict with the company that will surely take action against him.
  14. When one person exposes his point of view on religion and another it seems to him that he is completely wrong and an argument begins that can end in a breakdown of the relationship.
  15. Employees of a store argue with the boss after discovering that part of the merchandise had been stolen.

Types of Conflicts

  • Real conflicts: these are the existing ones that are caused by various causes, which can be economic, labor or legal.
  • Imaginary conflicts: these happen from misunderstandings or perceptions, it is when a person thinks that another does something improper.
  • Invented Conflicts: it is very similar to imaginary, that is, there is no difference is that one of the people wants to make some profit and that is why they invented it.
  •  Intrapersonal conflict: it is when it happens internally, for this it must occur in the mind of the individual, it originates in their thoughts and emotions.

In essence, a conflict takes place when two or more people cannot reach a consensus regarding the behavior of the other, generating divisions between people. A conflict can occur passively with the withdrawal or breakdown of any type of relationship between those involved, but there can also be verbal and physical confrontations and in other contexts one can speak of war conflicts.

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