Examples of Conclusions

Conclusions are defined as the last part of an argument that is written, project. These are intended to provide information on a specific topic.

In general, the conclusions can be true even if the topic is not entirely true. For this reason that the conclusions are true does not mean that the subject is. A conclusion is not a suggestion, nor a summary of the exposed subject but an argument that is derived from the derived premises.

10 Examples of Conclusions

  1. Despite the circumstances, the doctor managed to finish his study and with many merits.
  2. We agree with what was exposed to the other group but we do not agree with the method they want to use to achieve their goals.
  3. As a consequence of what was stated in the work, we settled on the initial hypothesis, affirming that all foods are essential for the organisms of all living beings to function in perfect condition.
  4. In this way the climate changed in such a way that the crops dried up.
  5. In the same way, we think that the academic part should be evaluated individually since each student has their own creativity.
  6. In conclusion, it is very easy to carry out field work as long as you have the right tools to do it.
  7. Finally, the community of paradise gave us all their collaboration, thus being able to make a good project.
  8. Therefore it is very easy to say that the students put all their effort to achieve their objectives. They searched for the information necessary to attack the virus and find a quick and effective solution to the disease.
  9. Finally we mention that both teachers and students worked as a team to achieve the goal set. We thank teacher xxxxxx for his collaboration in transporting the students to the work site in his van.

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