Examples of Composite Machines

Compound machine

compound machine is the result of two or even several simple machines to find one, where many of its functions can achieve a common objective. It can be as small as a simple mechanical watch, but it can also be a large machine like a construction crane .

This type of machine has several parts that work together through a harmonic interaction, at least one of them being in constant motion. That is why many of this type of machine require special manufacture.

Examples of compound machines

As we mentioned earlier, a compound machine is nothing more than a device formed by a series of simple machines that are connected in series, so that the resulting force of one can exert another force to apply it to the next.

Examples of compound machines

  1. The bicycle : it is a vehicle driven by the physical force of man through a pedal, which goes on a single track, with two wheels that go one behind the other.
  2. The crane : it is a huge machine that is equipped with hoist ropes, with wire ropes and various pulleys , which can be used to lift or lower huge materials.
  3. Jack for vehicles : it is a device that aims to lift large weights, by means of a lever that can be hydraulic and mechanical.
  4. The stapler : it is a mechanical device that can join papers, by means of a small wire, which comes out of the device and is counter-pressed.
  5. The lock : it is a metal-based mechanism that is incorporated into cabinet doors and drawers.
  6. A printer : it is a peripheral commonly used these days, which can produce a wide range of graphic texts in electronic formats, to then be printed physically by means of a paper.
  7. Can opener: device created for the purpose of opening cans
  8. Tow truck:  cars designed to move vehicles that are badly parked or with damage that makes their mobility impossible.
  9. Hoist : compound machine created with the purpose of raising or lowering loads through a drum or rotating wheel.
  10. Tricycle : a three-wheeled vehicle that is driven with propulsion emitted by a person.

Characteristics of compound machines

Compound machines work with operators who perform functions in a coordinated way. These operators can be:

  • Mechanics: they  are those that facilitate the correct operation of a machine and are in charge of converting the force that is used into movement. Among them we can find gears, wheels and axles.
  • Energetic: they  are in charge of storing and transforming the energy that is needed for the machine to be in motion, such as cells and batteries.

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