Examples of complaint

The term Denunciation refers to the action and effect of reporting, that is, to notify, denounce, advise or declare an illegality or irregularity . A complaint can be executed before the appropriate authorities, which means that a judicial mechanism will be put in place, or it can also be made publicly (only with testimonial value).

10 examples of complaint

  • Defamation complaint

Defamation can be reported at police stations or in court. It can be done in writing or orally, in both cases, it must be recorded with a signature and the complainant must keep a copy.

Defamation consists of the intention of one or more people to damage the reputation of another person, accusing them with falsehoods, so that the person is affected in their dignity.

  • Report for theft

When you are the victim of a robbery , you may or may not report it, but according to the law, it is an obligation to do so, as it is a crime. On the other hand, a theft report can also help us if it happens that the stolen object is returned.

Likewise, if the person has insurance that benefits them, it is necessary that the injured or affected person has filed the complaint, since this legal procedure is the correct way to act.

  • Report for threat

This type of complaint is a common practice in the event that the complainant believes or feels that he is being threatened, which is a crime and based on this, he is obliged to report, even if said threats are not properly against his own. person, but incur on others.

  • Harassment report

This becomes mandatory when the environment does not allow people to have a normal life. At first it may seem that it is just a simple annoyance or transitory behavior, but as time goes by, each new situation is added to the previous one, making the picture worse and worse, until the only way to escape is a complaint by bullying.

  • Report a neighbor

Many people have that characteristic unpleasant neighbor who makes life difficult for others, who dirties and never cleans, who does not pay joint bills, who does not attend neighborhood meetings, who simply does his best to annoy his neighbors . Such behavior is also reportable!

  • Complaint for assault

The main thing to identify is whether the aggression was physical or verbal. An assault is a behavior that offends another person , either through verbal offenses that damage the moral of another person, or through injuries or blows, where the physical and / or psychological integrity of the person is damaged. Therefore, an assault is the intention to harm a person in order to degrade him or to force him to do something that he opposes.

  • Report fraud

A fraud complaint can be made at any police headquarters or court . It requires a formality and the wisdom that if said complaint continues the procedure, it can lead to an investigation.

  • Report ecological crime

The law punishes ecological crimes or also called eco crimes. Before this law, many polluting companies preferred to cancel a fine that ended up being very little money and in this way they disposed of the pollutants in an irresponsible way, committing a crime against the environment.

  • Complaint for non-payment

The default handling of food is one of the most frequent. There are many who go through financial difficulties while they see that their partners live in the house that they pay for themselves, and that together they must pay a monthly financial amount to support at least the children of the marriage.

  • Complaint for abandonment of home

People who live under the marriage contract must try to maintain harmony in their daily coexistence, and if one of the two people is absent without any just cause for a reasonable time, the crime of leaving home would be committed.

Example of a complaint model

We will show you an example of a complaint to make it easier for you when preparing one.

  • Harassment complaint model

Place, day, month and year.


I, names and surnames , an employee of the National Depository Bank, single and with 2 children, with identity document No. xxxxxx , residing at Calle Costanera No. 08 A-2, I state that:

After finishing my work days at the National Depository Bank, around 10:35 p.m., approximately at the height of Baralt Avenue, a young male person, of an approximate height of 1.90 meters in height, hair Brown, dressed in blue pants, green shirt and orange cap, with a black backpack, he follows me to my house for about 15 minutes of walking. This situation has been happening for the last 10 days.

I record the situation with my signature:

Marisela Elena Gómez Montes


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