Examples of Competitive Games

The games competitive have been the support of the entire Physical Education has been traditionally done. The games relay, racing, Pillado, … are sobreesplotadas activities. Currently, the new perspectives of education intend that Physical Education is not only a method to work the body, but one more area where integral training is worked (training as a person), hence the great push that cooperative games are having . However, the wide range of competitive games we have does not have to be forgotten. Competition also has values ​​that must be worked on, so as not to fall into bad competition (learn to lose and win).
In addition, these games cause a lot of motivation in children, so we have to take advantage of them to play them with enthusiasm.

Examples: The aquatic rope, the blind hen, the latic, sumo, ball in the middle, the floats, the aquatic steal, the dance of the stones, the shooter, looking for gold, relay-clothes, ..

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