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Examples of Competition

Competence is defined as all the capacities that human beings have to achieve a position such as: the knowledge , skills , character, virtues , values among other characteristics that individuals use both professionally, socially, personally to achieve a goal .

The definition of competence is based on the different levels of life that human beings lead, since many life circumstances are based on competing to become better every day.

30 Competition Examples

  1. The ability to solve problems.
  2. When doing team work.
  3. When you excel in a sport.
  4. The ability to innovate.
  5. In interpersonal relationships.
  6. By highlighting responsibility.
  7. The risk of going to towns where it does not belong.
  8. When you have an open mind.
  9. In the religious sphere.
  10. Developing self-confidence.
  11. Being able to listen to the opinion of others without any problem.
  12. Climb a mountain.
  13. Know how to dance.
  14. Prepare a good dish.
  15. Decorate.
  16. Assemble a work.
  17. When filing for a new job.
  18. When a project is presented.
  19. Move up in a job.
  20. When goals are met.
  21. By being a leader.
  22. When you excel in studying.
  23. Competition when conquering the love of another person.
  24. In the game.
  25. To win a contest.
  26. By making a good exposure.
  27. Competition who comes first.
  28. By winning a soccer game.
  29. In making good crafts.
  30. Who sells more products.

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