Examples of Comparatives in English

Comparisons in English are defined as the basic element in learning any language, which is knowing how to make a comparison. It may be that in English it seems a bit more difficult to make some kind of comparison but following the rules you need you will see how easy it is.

Comparatives are used to remove the qualities of two objects or people.

15 Examples of Comparatives in English

  1. Caracas is bigger than Maracay: Caracas is bigger than Maracay.
  2. He is older than his brother : He is older than his brother.
  3. She is prettier than her friend : She is prettier than her friend.
  4. His room is bigger than mine : His room is bigger than mine.
  5. Your car is newer than mine: Your car is newer than mine.
  6. The girl is smarter than her cousin: The girl is smarter than her cousin.
  7. Gold is more valuable than silver: Gold is more valuable than silver.
  8. Her sister sang better than her. Her sister sang better than she.
  9. This house is worse than the previous one: this house is worse than the previous one.
  10. She cooks worse than mom: she cooks worse than mom.
  11. She dances better than her aunt: she dances better than her aunt.
  12. My dog ​​is better than yours: my dog ​​is better than yours.
  13. I am more intelligent than you: I am more intelligent than you.
  14. She paints better than you: she looks better than you.
  15. He is meaner than his father: he is worse than his father.
  16. The chair is better than the bench: the chair is better than the bench.
  17. Cold water is better than hot water: cold wáter is better than hot.
  18. He sings better than his dad: he sings better than his dad.

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