Examples of company values

Just as the legal statutes of a company are very important, so are the values that have been established. With the business values, a strategy is drawn up that will guide employees to know how to act and what to offer to clients and allies in different situations.

The values ​​of each company can be adapted to the activities they carry out , but at all times they must represent the principles and ethics with which those tasks will be handled. The values ​​are those that will finally serve to describe the company, its managers and / or employees.

These principles should not remain just on paper; they must be put into practice and be subjected to evaluation whenever necessary.

20 examples of company values

  • I respect. Members of the company must show respect to each other and to visitors. This in order to generate harmony in the work environment and avoid controversies.
  • Communication. Nothing is more important for daily work than fluid communication between bosses and subordinates; also between employees and between employee-customers. Communication protocols must be followed so that everything is supported and clarified.
  • Responsibility. Overall, accountability should be critical to ensuring that more people trust the company. Employees should also be encouraged to be responsible in their jobs.
  • Ethics and morals . Two of the most necessary values ​​for the company to achieve the long-awaited prestige and recognition.
  • Competitiveness Healthy competition is necessary in all markets. This encourages innovation and improvement of products and services that the user will finally appreciate.
  • Self appraisal. Each company should have a method to evaluate all the positions and activities carried out, with this, new strategies could be established that make them improve in all areas.
  • Honesty. The user or client will always be happy to have a company that is more like him, that is honest in its communication, trustworthy and that offers the promised results.
  • Discipline. The more focused the members of the company are, the more efficient they can be. However, they must have some support from the firm in order to do so.
  • Cordial treatment . In addition to respect, in offices and customer service you must ‘breathe’ cordiality. This will make message passing more enjoyable and make customers want to come back.
  • Security. To generate trust among those who work and choose the company as a provider of products or services.
  • Teamwork. Involving everyone is necessary so that all the gears of the company fulfill their function.
  • Justice. In some types of company this is a fundamental value. Above all, when it comes to being precise with the treatment of employees.
  • Puntuality. Many of the controversies in the work environment happen after breaking this rule. If it is established as an inescapable principle, it will soon become a personal habit. On the other hand, punctuality in the execution of services such as deliveries, must be an important part of many companies.
  • Quality. What every client asks for in any area of ​​the market.
  • Innovation. A company that is constantly renewed is a company that values ​​and is passionate about what it does. It will always try to offer the best, focused on market trends.
  • Integrity. This ensures that the deal with everyone involved with the company will be complete and real.
  • Dependable. It is about the implementation of many of the values ​​presented here and others, this will generate trust in others.
  • Gratitude. Be grateful to employees, allies, suppliers, customers, etc. it is vital to always be taken into account.
  • Passion. It is a ‘plus’ that today is in the eyes of customers / users … Is it a company truly passionate about what it does?
  • Receive criticism. Part of selling services or products and that can be used to seek excellence.

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