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Examples of Company Name

What is the company name?

It is defined as social reason to the name by which a company is distinguished collectively, this refers to the official and legal name that appears in the documentation allowing constitute the legal person . The company name allows the identification of both the legal person and the members of the company. This type of document is used at a formal, administrative and legal level.

For this reason, the company name expands the fantasy name or brand, that is, it allows the legal person in question to be identified . That is why it is important when completing a document especially at the time of paying the salary to employees or the issuance of a bank check.

Due to the fact that it is a legal figure that has a legal character, it must be regulated according to the legislation of each country. In this sense, there are rules and regulations that regulate this aspect that defines a company or legal person.

The business name of a company

Every legally constituted company must have an identification through which it can be called, in this case, the business name comes to be the name given to that legal person in order to be well constituted and identified.

This name is generally used for legal, administrative or formal procedures. In this sense, the company name does not always coincide with the commercial name of the company or the products or brands that the company markets .Behold, the importance of the company name of a company, among other aspects, becomes the name through which it will be identified for life or until the company ceases to exist.

How to find the company name by country

Depending on the country where you want to register a business or establish a company, the method or management of the same for its creation will vary. As for the search for a specific company name, there are generally two ways to find them, through the official website of the registry office or by going directly to the office where the company should be registered.


In this country you can check the availability or not of a certain company name through a web page available for it. You can check it in and in this space you can find the required information regarding the availability or not of the name you need to search for or the one you want to use to name the legal entity.


In this country, in order to know if a certain company name is available or not, you must consult it directly at the registry offices through a printed form, by mail or by sending a letter directly to the official page of the central commercial registry , where they will give you the information you request. It should be noted that the information provided by the registry offices will only be limited to the availability or not of the company name.


In order to verify the availability of a certain company name in this country, there are two options. The first is through the official website of the Ministry of Economy and the second option is by going directly to the offices of the Ministry of Economy through their delegations and sub-delegations.


In order to request the availability of a certain company name in this country, you must go directly to the registry offices where you must fill out a form with three possible options and after a certain number of business days, the availability or not will be notified.


In order to verify the availability of a company name, you only need internet access since its platform is digitized . In this sense, it can be consulted through the RUE (Single Business Registry) and the system, in accordance with the information it handles from all the country’s chambers of commerce, will yield the relevant results.

Company name vs commercial name

When we talk about the company name, we refer to the legal name that constitutes the company that has been registered, that is, the name under which it is registered in the company’s incorporation document , while the commercial name refers to the name It is used in order that the company can be differentiated from the rest that are managed in the same commercial area.

In this sense, it is important to point out that even though the commercial name is not included in the company’s constitution document, it must also be registered through a patent, which is like an authorization to manage the name. This is so that no one else uses the business name you decided to choose.

Examples of trade names

  1. Pepsi
  2. Coca Cola
  3. Manzana
  4. Burger King
  5. Samsung
  6. Google
  7. 7eleven
  8. Lego
  9. Atari
  10. Linux
  11. Mercedes
  12. Ray-ban
  13. Motorola
  14. Panda
  15. Sony

Company name vs fancy name

The fancy names are not mandatory to handle, so they are taken as an attractive plus or medium that allows to attract more the attention of the company, in the area where it operates. In this sense, its use is not mandatory, as is the company name.

Examples of fancy names

  1. Kromasol
  2. Sanki
  3. Natura
  4. Herbalife
  5. fury
  6. Avon
  7. Anway
  8. fusion
  9. ProLife
  10. Total Life Changes

Company name vs brand

When we talk about the brand, we refer to the image that identifies the company , that is, its characteristic logo, through which its consumers will feel identified. Like the fancy name, the brand is not mandatory within the company incorporation document, however, it is important in terms of marketing and sales.

Brand examples

  1. Wendy’s doll
  2. The apple of the apple
  3. The puma of the sports line
  4. The Adidas pyramid
  5. The tilde of Nike
  6. The Letter M is for Mc Donalds
  7. The red color of coca cola
  8. The circular red and blue Pepsi cola logo
  9. The green woman from starbucks
  10. The blue box with the Facebook f

Company name and RFC

This is the egister Federal Taxpayers . Any person, both legal and natural, who is in charge of carrying out any economic activity and who therefore must pay taxes, is obliged to obtain their federal taxpayer registry.

In this sense, it is a unique identification number that is responsible for identifying both natural and legal persons in Mexico. 

The application for said registration is completely free and can be obtained through the Ministry of Finance by the notary at the time of registration of the company or through the SAT (Tax Administration Service)

10 Examples of Company Name

  1. Commercial name: medina distributor / company name: Homer medina.
  2. Commercial name: pro ceramics / company name: Gonzales SA group
  3. Trade name: Libyan varieties / Trade name : Libya
  4. Trade name: fishermen el dorado / company name: pfv imports.
  5. Commercial name: payacin toy store / company name: Luis Alberto IRL
  6. Commercial name: el paladar del flavor restaurant / company name: los chinos feliz SA
  7. Commercial name: Emily gifts / company name: Aleida Pernía.
  8. Commercial name: abastos la friendship / company name: Antonio Chacón SA
  9. Commercial name: Pollos Arturo’s / company name: Arturo CA
  10. Commercial name: Madercol / company name: Jose Antonio Roa.

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