Examples of company merger

A company merger is a type of business through the voluntary union of two or more companies to form a single company . The merger of the companies dissolves the companies that were independent to form a single organization.

10 Examples of Business Mergers

  1. Nissan and Mitsubishi: This merger of companies took place in 2016. The automotive company Nissan acquired more than 34% of the shares of its competition.
  2. Dow Chemical and Dupont: It was in 2015 when these two companies decided to join together. The merger was made for 130,000 million dollars. The new company is called DowDuPont.
  3. AT&T and BellSouth Corp: The United States telecommunications company acquired its competition in 2016 for $ 89 billion.
  4. Verizon and Vodafone:  It is estimated that in 2013 Verizon canceled for 45% of the shares of the competition a sum of 130,000 million dollars.
  5. Peugeot and Opel: The merger between these two companies includes five production plants and six vehicle assembly centers.
  6. Pfizer and Allergan: During 2016 this merger of pharmaceutical companies took place. The amount of the operation was over 160,000 million dollars.
  7. Fiat and Chrysler: The combination of the capitals of these companies was carried out in 2014. The agreement was signed for 4.350 million dollars.
  8. Pfizer and Warner Lambert: After this merger, Pfizer becomes the first pharmaceutical industry in the world. The merger was valued at $ 89 billion.
  9. Geely and Volvo: The merger of these car manufacturers took place in 2010. Shortly afterwards, the Chinese-Swedish company positioned itself as the third best-selling vehicle in the market.
  10. Tata, Jaguar and Land Rover: This was a merger between three companies that took place in 2008 for 2.3 billion dollars.

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