Examples of company certificates

A company certificate is a document that each company, especially in Spain, must compulsorily issue when it fires an employee. This letter fulfills the objective of benefiting the unemployed person so that they can obtain benefits and any other utility or social benefit.

The company certificate describes the cause of the dismissal. This data is taken into account when assigning or not the unemployment benefit . In addition to this, complete personal data, the number of contributions made in a six-month period and other important information must be included.

Any company that hires staff for an indefinite time or for long periods, large or small, must issue this document when necessary. Only those firms in which they hire people temporarily (short periods) are exempted from carrying out this procedure.

It is so obligatory to grant the company certificate to a fired person that, if they do not do so, or lie about one of the exposed data, the company could be subject to sanctions by the corresponding public entity.

Characteristics of the company certificate

– It must be delivered within the first ten days from the end of the employment relationship.

– It can be a digital document, since this is how it is sent to request social benefits.

– It is only delivered to those workers with whom the employment relationship is broken, not to those who decide to resign voluntarily.

– There are other types of certificates to show that a person works in a company . This in order that it can request some help in an organization.

– The certificate to request social benefits must contain the following information, without exception:

  • Cause of job dismissal.
  • Type of contract (full or part time)
  • Contributions for common contingencies and unemployment.
  • Annual vacation taken and not taken.

Examples of company certificate


The undersigned Juan Bastos with address at …… ..

Madrid, I certify that I have employed Mr. Alfonso Rivas, domiciled at…., With social security number 33446689, from August 17, 2015 to June 11, 2017 as administrator.

He always proved to be very efficient at work and very kind to his colleagues.

Done in Madrid, June 13, 2017.

Juan Bastos.

Another example:

Buenos Aires, X of X of 20XX


I hereby inform you that the lady… .. with DNI Number XXXXXXXX works in the area of ​​XXXXXXX since XXXXXXX.

During that period, Ms. XXXXX occupies the position of XXXXXX receiving an average gross salary of XXXX pesos.

So far he has proven to be a trustworthy and responsible person.

Without further ado, he greets you.


Human resources manager

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