Examples of commercial marketing

The marketing is a series of strategies to define as held commercial objectives of a company and determine the unmet needs of consumers, to launch a bid , which has a positive impact to generate income.

The commercial marketing is characterized by creating innovative ideas that are designed solely to generate income to cover the costs of goods and profits, with the company or organization that manages to develop a competitive and free environment in the commercial world.

In this opportunity we will introduce you to some examples of commercial marketing that are usually in the products or services you consume.

Characteristics of commercial Marketing

  • Effectiveness : commercial marketing is responsible for studying consumers, looking for certain advantages to increase the success of the sale of the product or service.
  • Know prospects : it is necessary to find or listen to the needs of consumers, with this, you will be able to find certain advantages when selling your product or service and you will take advantage of every detail to generate more income.
  • Adequate information : if you offer services and sell products, it is advisable to promote it without so many details. Getting to the point and telling it like it is is the right thing to do these days.
  • Diversify : limiting yourself when finding a powerful consumer is not appropriate, with commercial marketing you try to find consumers who have the same needs as the first consumer and expand your products.
  • Collect and sell : when selling your products you need to be prepared beforehand, have the basis of how much you are going to charge and to whom. It is possible that there are consumers who do not pay on time or do not pay.

Examples of commercial marketing

  1. Adidas
  2. Nike
  3. Manzana
  4. Android
  5. Louis vuiton
  6. Pepsi cola
  7. Coca Cola
  8. Mac Donalds
  9. Dodot
  10. Vorwerk

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