Examples of Claims

When we purchase a product or service , but we are not satisfied with it, we can issue a verbal or written complaint that lets the seller or service provider know that we are not satisfied . The establishment must be ready to receive the complaint, in fact, they must provide a complaint form for customers who have these concerns.

What are claims?

A claim is then a formal complaint that is issued to a person or company in order to express their disagreement about a product or service purchased. The purpose of a claim is to obtain a positive response about some type of refund or compensation.

Claims are made through a letter or a form . The latter is provided by the company itself in some cases, otherwise, some agencies intended to receive complaints of this type also have formats in which the complaint (s) must be written.

Examples of claims

  • Example 1

Bogotá, May 11, 2018

Lic. Asdrúbal García Sandoval

Dear Mr. García, by means of this letter, I am writing to you attentively, to express my dissatisfaction and to claim the terrible delivery service presented by your subordinates, since the products purchased in your company (and that were in perfect condition in at the time of purchase), they were delivered in terrible condition due to poor packaging and little care given by their subordinates in transporting them.

Taking into account our long-standing commercial relationship, I hope that the damaged products will be exchanged, as well as a better treatment in the transport to avoid future similar inconveniences.

Otherwise, I express my opinion to cease the commercial relations with which our respective industries have up to now.



Maria Isabel Mejías

  • Example 2

South Bank

Las Flores Street No. 22


April 20, 2016

Mr. Manolo Ortiz

Investment Fund Director

Dear Sir:

Through the following letter of complaint, I would like to record my dissatisfaction with respect to the treatment obtained in your branch, by the operator Miguel Fernández who attended us with great kindness from the beginning, but then everything became hostile on his part until the point of disrespecting me.

I have not made any complaint to the police because I preferred that this unfortunate event be settled amicably.

However, I convey my deepest discomfort over what happened and request a meeting with you and with Mr. Miguel present so that we can settle everything in a civilized manner.

With no other task, he says goodbye attentively

Julio Diaz


  • Example 3

Guadalajara, Mexico on June 1, 2011

Mr. Luis Colmenares

General Manager

Bella City Perfume and Clothing Store

Dear Mr. Luis, by means of this letter, I am writing to you to express my discomfort, because the various footwear and clothing products purchased in the establishment were not the ones that I initially selected for my purchase, as well as I also make a complaint regarding the treatment received, by some employees, when I went to point out such a mistake.

I hope that you will soon address this misunderstanding and turn the necessary instructions to satisfy my claim regarding the exchange of the products that were wrongly delivered to me, for those that correspond.

Without further ado for the moment I remain at your service for any clarification



Carmen Barrientos

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