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Examples of Civil Rights Texts

Civil rights texts are defined as the document that is used to advocate mainly for freedom of all its legal, juridical, individual, social, cultural and economic dimensions.

The main objective of the civil rights texts is to fight against the abuses that they may suffer of freedom and other rights that are often violated and not respected.

10 Examples of Civil Rights Texts

  1. The texts of the right to citizen participation.
  2. The texts of the convention on the political rights of women.
  3. Texts about marriage and the suggested age for marriage.
  4. The rights that women have for this reason appear in the texts against discrimination against women.
  5. The texts on the rights that relate to the suppression of human trafficking.
  6. The rights against the exploitation of women and prostitution.
  7. The rights of children to be protected and respected as human beings.
  8. The texts that stipulate the rights that parents have with their children until they reach their majority.
  9. Fundamental rights vis-à-vis individuals.
  10. The texts of constitutional rights.
  11. Fundamental and constitutional rights.

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