Examples of CIF Company

Just as people have an identity number , companies must also have it. This number appears as a mandatory record that makes that company or business “exist” in the market (especially for regulatory entities), so that it is part of a series of activities ruled by the State , related to its rights and duties.

In many countries, especially in Spain, there was a registration number called CIF , which stands for Fiscal Identification Code.

We say “it existed” because since 2008 it became a NIF . Although still on some sites and some people still call it CIF.

At some point the two registries coexisted in Spain, but the NIF (Fiscal Identity Number) was used only for the self-employed who had their own business, now it covers companies, that is, it works for individuals or individuals , for legal entities and for entities without personality.

Like the DNI and NIE, the NIF number is made up of nine characters: an initial letter, seven digits and an alphabetic character for the control. The seven-digit number is “separated” by two and five digits: the first two that identify the province and the other five that represent the provincial registry.

Companies that are Public Limited Companies will have the letter A at the beginning of their NIF, while companies with Limited Partnerships will have the letter B.

Examples of CIF or NIF

  • S0794867B
  • B67657189
  • B13829940
  • D48465058
  • S5222498G
  • B07633001
  • B86910650
  • N4957698F
  • G19819226
  • N1350140H

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