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In journalism there are several genres that serve to effectively inform people. The genres are three: informative, interpretive and opinion . Each of them fulfills specific objectives, in addition to being a truthful way of transmitting the details about a fact. The chronicle is part of the genres of journalism.

What is the chronicle?

The chronicle is part of the interpretive genre of journalism. It consists of a narrative that presents facts from a chronological point of view and includes information and opinion.

The characteristics of a chronicle are:

  • The events are narrated as they occurred, that is, they keep an order according to time.
  • The people who are interviewed or give opinions, must be eyewitnesses or be involved in some way with the facts.
  • It is also a literary resource , therefore, various resources are used to give strength to the narrative, such as adjectives.
  • They are addressed directly to the reader, to produce interest and that people feel that a ” dialogue ” has been established with them.

Examples of chronicles

  • Example 1: Excerpt from the chronicle “Asalto al Palacio”, Gabriel García Márquez

“The plan seemed crazy too simple. It was about taking the National Palace of Managua in broad daylight, with only twenty-five men, holding the members of the Chamber of Deputies hostage, and obtaining as a ransom the release of all political prisoners. The National Palace, an old and drab two-story building with monumental pretenses, occupies an entire block with numerous windows on its sides and a facade with columns of banana parthenon facing the desolate Plaza de la República. In addition to the Senate on the first floor and the Chamber of Deputies on the second, the Ministry of Finance, the Ministry of the Interior and the General Directorate of Revenue operate there, so it is the most public and populous of all public buildings in Managua. . That’s why there is always a policeman with long guns at every door, two more on the stairs of the second floor, and numerous gunmen of ministers and parliamentarians everywhere. During business hours, between employees and the public, there are in basements, offices and corridors no less than three thousand people. However, the leadership of the Sandinista National Liberation Front (FSLN) did not consider that the assault on that bureaucratic market was too simple a madness, but quite the opposite: a masterful nonsense ”.

  • Example 2: Excerpt from the chronicle “The yes of the children”, Martín Caparrós

“” So you haven’t met Yohan yet? Ah, but it is wonderful. Marvelous. Maybe, if I get a fit of kindness, I’ll give it to you tomorrow and you’ll see.

Bert is forty-nine years old, and his two sons are already in college. His wife takes care of the house where they live, near Düsseldorf, and it seems that since the boys left she has been a bit bored, although Bert says that he always gave her his best and that he has nothing to complain about, and it must be true. Bert wears those fine-framed glasses and very thin lips and a fine German optician smile to which one would give one’s eyes without fear. Bert has short, neat hair and a flawless life. Only, as soon as he can, once or twice a year, when the optical company where he works sends him to India, Bert comes to take a tour of Sri Lanka, the world center of child prostitution. The rest of his days he is a model citizen, and lives by the memory:

“But if I knew I couldn’t come back here, I’d despair.”

Says Bert, now that we’re on the confession train. I don’t know why, a little while ago, you decided to tell me about this. Probably because we ran into each other yesterday, while I was going in and he was coming out of the little house where Bobby, the brownie, has his four boys. These days we had already chatted a couple of times, at the beach bar, but never about this, of course. You may like to assume that I am your accomplice. He must have needed some company ”.

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