Examples of Christmas Jokes for Children

The jokes are considered as a stimulus for the development and teaching of the smallest of the house. At Christmas, family reunion time, what better time to put this learning method into practice and also immortalize moments of joy and enjoyment with the innocence and the occurrence of your children.

Here is our list of the best eight Christmas jokes for you to incite your children’s sense of humor this Christmas.

7 Examples of Christmas Jokes for Children

  1. What happens to Santa Claus if he loses a reindeer?
  • What if it gets stuck in a chimney?
  • It gives him Claus-trophobia.
  1. What did Batman give his mom for Christmas?
  • A mixer.
  1. They meet two crazy people in a square preparing the Christmas tree and one says to the other:
  • Announce if the tree lights come on.
  • To which the other madman responds:
  • Now yes, now not, now yes, now not.
  1. At Christmas Pedrito goes to the North Pole to meet Santa Claus:
  • Pedrito: My wish for this year is a good mom.
  • To which Santa responds: Your mom is good, why a new one?
  • Pedrito: Yes of course, you say it because it is not you who is scolding.
  1. In court the judge asks:
  • Sir, what are you accused of?
  • They blame me for doing my Christmas shopping ahead of time.
  • Well, that’s not a crime. How far in advance do you buy them?
  • To which he implies he replied: BEFORE I OPENED THE STORE.
  1. On Christmas Eve there is a knock on the door of the house and the child comes out and asks WHO IS IT?
  • To which they respond: Santa Noah.
  • And the child responds: I’m sorry sir, if it’s NOT my dad, I can’t open it.
  1. What kind of car do Santa’s reindeer drive?
  • A renol.

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