Examples of Christmas Dedications

Examples of dedications of Christmas to write on postcards:
‘May the Child Jesus, with his infinite love and goodness, enlighten your home, and fill you with joy and blessings !!! … So your friends wish you.
With our best intentions, we sincerely wish you a happy and prosperous New Year. Happy Holidays
Congratulations on these Holidays! … with the hope that this Silent Night is just the beginning of a Year full of successes! Merry Christmas with all my heart
May the Child God bless your lives in these Holidays !! Merry Christmas! … and may the joy of the Holidays be repeated every day of the New Year.
May the holy family bless you all and if not, may a hummingbird fall from the sky.
Once again, with the arrival of Christmas, life throbs with fraternal feelings, and a magical innocence awakens within us. MERRY CHRISTMAS !!
Be blessed in these parties with wine, family and nougat and if you are lucky, a good fox.
For all that you have contributed to my life, I just want to thank with all the strength of my heart and wish you a Merry Christmas and a Beautiful New Year.
Spend a merry Christmas with drums, violins and trumpets and if God wants some good tits to sink into them
May the best of the year that passes be the worst of the year that begins. congratulations
With all my love, I hope that the magic of Christmas enlightens you and helps you achieve all your dreams.
Have a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year, sing a lot of Christmas carols and win a good peak with the lottery.
May the light of happiness be lit in our homes and hearts this Christmas, and may this light guide us on a better path in the company of our loved ones on the New Year.

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