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Examples of Christmas carols

Christmas carols are musical compositions in a poetic style that are closely related to the Christmas holidays, in turn are related to religious themes and are made up of an initial chorus that generally gives an idea about the central theme and then this is repeated in the stanza , These songs are considered as sung poetry and that are passed from generation to generation so it is not limited to a single person but to large communities, they are sung in choirs and groups of people.

It is known that its origin dates back to the 15th century when ancient songs of great popularity began to be modified, in fact the name of these musical compositions gives an account of the origin since these songs were originally sung by members of rural communities and villages, they were sung in different types of traditional festivals, although they did not always talk about issues of a religious nature, they could be about things that happened in the community such as love breaks, news and sometimes a certain humorous and even mocking touch was included, already in the 16th century it was the Catholic Church who made these types of songs be sung at masses and religious events and they did it in order to promote evangelization in the people.

From then on, the Christmas carols began to be more related to religious themes until over time they took as a special date to be sung at Christmas, this especially happened in the 16th century when masters of chapels prepared songs for the Christmas dates and each year they began to create more until the repertoire of songs is expanded.

Examples of Christmas carols:

    • Silent Night:
Silent night, love night,

Everything sleeps around.
Among its stars that spread their light
Bella announcing the little boy Jesus
Shines the star of peace The star of peace

Silent night, love night,
Everything sleeps around They
only watch in the dark
The shepherds who are in the field;
And the star of Bethlehem
And the star of Bethlehem.

  • Christmas, Christmas:

Christmas, Christmas,
today is Christmas
It is a day of joy
and happiness. (Bis)

Bells everywhere
ring incessantly They
proclaim with pleasure
that today is Christmas.

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