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Examples of Chimera

The  chimera is a word that originates from the Latin « chimaera « and has two connotations. The first refers to the fact that in the field of mythology, the chimera is a monster with horrible characteristics and that supposedly cannot be defeated; it spewed fire from its mouth and its size was colossal.

On the other hand, it can also be used to name those dreams or illusions that may never be possible, because they are more part of fantasy than reality.

Now, in genetics the word chimera is used to refer to an animal that has a type of genetic disorder in which two eggs are fertilized by the same sperm during the same sexual encounter, this results in that after a period of time both eggs unite to create a single being, but with a double genetic structure. This can cause each zygote to form a being with both sexes, or what is better known as a hermaphroditic person.

20 Chimera Examples

  1. A fantasy creature, like unicorns
  2. Utopias
  3. Mermaids
  4. Dragons
  5. Big Foot
  6. Centaurs
  7. Minotaur
  8. Flying lion
  9. The perfection
  10. Achieve success in all areas
  11. Anarchy
  12. Total equality between men and women
  13. Eliminate poverty in the world
  14. No more wars
  15. The equal distribution of money in the world
  16. Democracy
  17. The inmortality
  18. Vampires
  19. Wolfman
  20. Zombies

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