Examples of Children’s Obligations

When we talk about the obligations of children, we refer to the responsibilities that minors may have towards society. The fact of being children does not exempt them from their obligations, therefore, just as they have rights for their better development , they also have obligations.

It is important to point out that, like every human being, as children grow up, they have to commit and fulfill each of the rights they have as an inhabitant of a country. These types of obligations are generally of a moral nature , that is, they are the minimum rules that are imposed in society , to achieve a good coexistence.

The  children  have different requirements as well as have rights to obtain them must also work at different points such as the study, respect, among other things.

Examples of children’s obligations

  1. Caring for the environment:  All living beings have the right to a clean place and one of their responsibilities is to take care of the environment, collecting garbage, separating it and determining it as organic and inorganic.
  2. Respect yourself:  This in addition to being a right is an obligation, you have to learn to respect yourself from your beliefs to your physical appearance.
  3. Respect others:  Another very important issue is that as a child you are free to express what you think, but always showing a point of view that does not offend or hurt other people.
  4. Respect the laws of society:  Each city / country has a set of pre-established laws that must be respected as well as fulfilled.
  5. Always speak the truth:  Another obligation that all children have in addition to helping to prevent further problems or misunderstandings with other people.
  6. Study: This  is an obligation as well as a right that all children need.
  7. Respect parents, representatives, teachers, among others.
  8. Respect the homeland where you live and its symbols
  9. Have good behavior in school
  10. Maintain a good grooming regimen

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