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Examples of charming medieval cities in Europe to visit

If you are looking for examples of medieval cities in Europe , then we will share some of the most beautiful and best preserved. These cities have preserved their architectural features and medieval charm over the years and are currently very popular with tourists.

Example of charming medieval cities


This is a medieval city , one of the most beautiful in the world, which is divided into two areas; one that is known as the old city with its medieval fortress, and another that is the new city, which in this case has developed since the 18th century. In the old part of the city it is possible to appreciate houses of nobles and merchants that show the characteristics of the medieval period of the 16th and 17th centuries.

Rothenburg ob der Tauber

This is another example of medieval cities in Europe , one of the best preserved in the old continent. Until the year 1803, this city was considered as a Free Imperial City, in addition its name means “Red Fortress on the Tauber”, in relation to its location on the river that bears the same name, not to mention that the roofs of the houses they are usually red in color.


This city is currently considered the most authentic medieval city located in the County of Nice . The city has been inhabited for many centuries, in addition to being occupied by the Moors and Romans at the time. Its oldest building is named Chapelle de la Saint Croix dating from 1306.

Mont Saint Michel

It is a French commune that is located in the Manche area, in the Normandy region . This medieval city is considered a magical place, so every year a large number of tourists come to appreciate its architectural beauty and the impressive landscape that surrounds it.


The city of Prague in the Czech Republic had its origins in the Romanesque period, although its splendor was during the Gothic, Baroque and Renaissance periods. The city was also the residence of many Holy Roman Emperors. It is also one of the most visited cities in Europe and one of the most beautiful.

San Gimignano

Another example of medieval cities is located in Italy, it is one of the most beautiful and the best preserved, because you can still see its feudal aspect. The families that had control of the city built a large number of houses with towers, many of which are still preserved today.


This is a medieval city in France , which is characterized by its fortification through massive defenses that are in the surroundings of the buildings and the castle. The walls of this city have towers, not to mention that there is also an impressive Gothic cathedral, which has been restored and well preserved despite the passage of time.


It is also found in France; It is a medieval city where there are many wooden houses and in its old town you can see buildings with architectural styles from different periods of history.

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