Examples of Certificates

Certificates are defined as the document or package that confirms a certainty that you have completed a study or course. This type of document can approve or deny something in particular, it can be a public document such as the marriage certificate , birth , good conduct, address.

The certificates serve to affirm a certain fact, in these it is possible to observe the information of a good formation and the one that people may have about something in particular. There are different types of certificates : the digital certificate, personal, these can confirm work experiences, attendance or participation in an event.

10 Examples of Certificates

  1. Medical certificates.
  2. Labor certificates.
  3. Certificates of studies.
  4. Workshop certificates.
  5. Christening certificates.
  6. Marriage certificates.
  7. Certificates of good repute.
  8. training certificates.
  9. Bank certificates.
  10. Criminal certificates.

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