Examples of Carnivore Dinosaurs

They were asking us about  what are carnivorous dinosaurs? These animals that are extinct had a great variety and today, although they are part of history, children as well as many adults are interested in knowing everything about the  history of dinosaurs. So if you would be interested in knowing about these and some  examples of carnivorous dinosaurs,  you are in the right place! Pay close attention because we will tell you some of the best known.

Examples and types of Carnivore Dinosaurs

Many believe that the  carnivorous dinosaurs are part of the largest predators that existed on planet earth. As their name says, they ate all kinds of meat, which made them one of the most dangerous at the time. Although it is unknown if there are more types, if we can point out some of the  carnivorous dinosaurs that are known.

Shark tooth reptile:  It is considered one of the  largest carnivorous dinosaurs , they were named this way, due to the type of tooth that was discovered when they were found. His remains were found in Africa.

Thorn lizard:  Its scientific name is:  spinosaurus aegyptiacus . It is considered the largest land predator that has ever existed. One of the main characteristics is that it had very large spines on the part of its “back”.

Giant South Wind Reptile:  One of the largest carnivorous dinosaurs, but unlike those mentioned, this was the slowest, which made it always go hunting in a herd, otherwise, it was a danger if it was attacked by various animals.

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