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Examples of card games

A card game (also called card game), are those games that only use cards or cards that form a deck to play. These are also considered board games, because they are totally necessary objects to be able to enjoy them comfortably. There are several types of decks and the most popular are French and Spanish.

Nobody really knows who invented the cards, but there is a legend that the invention was in China by women who lived in harems to be able to distract themselves. The Emperor Mu-Tsung denounced the use of these cards in 969. Card games are believed to have been invented around the 12th century in China, although some believe that they originated in India and were used in Egypt as well.

This type of event has happened on several occasions during history, achieving prohibitions for the use of cards in Florence in 1277 and Portugal in 1387. In 1400 there were prohibitions in France, the Netherlands, Germany and Switzerland to prevent the use of cards. .

Examples of card games

There are thousands of card games and each country and region has its variations. Here are some known around the world.

  1. Gin Rummy.
  2. Julep.
  3. Baccarat.
  4. Bridge.
  5. Trick.
  6. One.
  7. Crazy Eight.
  8. Crazy numbers.
  9. Forty.
  10. Carica.
  11. Botifarra.
  12. Black Jack.
  13. Killer.
  14. Tarot.
  15. Hoarse.
  16. Viscachas.
  17. Vingo.
  18. Poker
  19. Lonely.
  20. Wink.
  21. Wars
  22. I distrust.
  23. Hearts
  24. Half past seven.

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