Examples of Business Cards

Visiting cards are defined as those small business cards offered by several people to offer their services, which generally always have their personal data such as: name and surname, profession, telephone number, email, logo and name of the company if it belongs to one.

The best of all is that type of cards are easy to make, you just have to have creativity and the necessary tools for their elaboration, at the time of an event this tool is very useful to publicize your business.

10 Business Card Examples

  1. In mini pocket cards.
  2. Like calendars.
  3. In the form of an agenda.
  4. With vivid colors.
  5. Abstract designs.
  6. With the company logo.
  7. In black and white.
  8. Cards in gold and black.
  9. Cards with templates.
  10. Cards with creative designs.

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