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Examples of Burns

Surely on many occasions you have heard the following “do not play with fire” and it is that many times without doing it on purpose it happens. Burning in addition to being an uncomfortable problem that will directly affect our skin, there are also different types. That is why for this day we want to talk to you about the examples of burns. Understanding this, you will detect in time if you suffer any mishap that causes our skin to be exposed to suffer a burn.

Examples of burns and their types

The  burns are divided into 3 categories, including  first, second and third degree. Each one is more dangerous than the last. It is important to note that there are many causes that can cause a burn, from exposure to fire, chemicals or other types of materials that there are.

First degree burns:  It is the most common type of burn and only affects the most superficial area of ​​our skin. The redness on the skin is a clear trigger and the itching indicates that a burn of this degree was suffered. Example: burning your finger with a match.

Second degree burns:  They exceed the most superficial layer of skin, this type of burn causes the appearance of blisters. Example: getting burned with hot water.

Third degree burns:  It is one of the most dangerous burns that exist and that exposes different areas of the skin, it can even affect the muscles and joints . Examples: Burning with industrial chemicals.

It is important to add that with each of these  examples of burns it  is advisable to see a doctor.

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