Examples of Branding

The branding is a process that leads to building a brand. It has to do with the design of the image that you will have in front of others: clients, employees, competition and suppliers.

It is, from the choice of the name, to any element that contributes to the creation of the reputation of the brand. The good or bad experience that a person has using the products or services of a brand will depend on their level of branding.

The objective of branding is to draw up a strategy that allows the company or brand in question to position itself among the others, and, above all, to be remembered by consumers and non-consumers, who could have it as the first option among all the companies of its heading.

It should be noted that branding can be applied by a person who provides a service, such as a photographer, lawyer, plumber, interior decorator, etc., who wants to position his name to gain reputation, get more clients and be seen as an expert in your area. This is known as personal branding.

Examples of branding

  • Naming or creation of a name.
  • Corporate identity. It refers to the design of the logo and any graphic element that represents the brand.
  • Set values ​​and objective.
  • The marketing strategies that are carried out to make it grow.
  • Brand architecture.
  • Presence in social networks creating a community around the brand.
  • Organization of face-to-face events where topics that the brand develops are discussed, in addition to the promotion of its products or services.

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