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Examples of Body Massages

The  body rubs have many benefits that allow our bodies feel good or can be recovered from injury. There are a wide variety of styles and each of them has a specific benefit. It is important to point out that each of the techniques that are applied must be with professionals, otherwise it is likely that it will not work for you or you could get hurt. So today, I want to talk to you about these  examples of body massages  and cheer up with each of these techniques.

Types of Body Massages

Swedish Massage:  It is considered themost sought aftertype of  massage . It consists of a technique with circular and elongated movements, the use of oils, as well as in some cases aromatherapy, is complemented to offer one hundred percent relaxation to the person who is receiving it. This massage is very good for reducing stress levels, headaches and some muscle aches.

Aromatherapy massages  For many years this  massage technique has been used in Spa’s, in order to offer relaxation in different aspects. A series of oils are applied that are special and that mostly have different benefits.

Thai Massage:  Considered as the massage technique similar to yoga. This technique consists of a series of movements and pressure of different points of the body, where the energy is, this as long as it is applied correctly, it can give you many benefits in different kinds of pain.

Shiatsu Massage:  Also known only as  Shiatsu, it is an oriental massage that for hundreds of years has been one of the most used in Asia. This technique is based on pressing with our fingers, as if it were acupuncture. It is believed that this massage helps  regulate inner energy.

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