Examples of Blogs

A blog is a type of web page in which content is added that is stored in chronological order for future reference. To create a blog you need a platform commonly known as CMS (Content Management System) or content manager. The most popular are WordPress, Blogger, Joomla, among others.

Since the blog modality exists, many people have decided to create content as a hobby or as a way to earn money online, since they are sites that can be monetized.

Today there are a good number of published blogs , many of them enjoy a certain popularity that has even led their authors to achieve success, both financially and personally, since they are invited to give conferences and talks in the area. in which they work.

On the other hand, given its characteristic of saving each entry according to its publication date, newspapers around the world have chosen this platform to create an online extension of their printed material. So blogs are suitable for all types of content.

Types of blogs

  • Personal blog : these are blogs in which the author is the main character. There the person writes about what they want and when they want. Most of the time the name of the blog has to do with the author’s own name and contains his experiences.
  • Corporate blog : this is a blog that aims to highlight the activities of a company: work team, training programs, recreational activities and any news related to your business.
  • Professional blog: it is a blog that aims to develop one or more topics of interest in order to monetize each of its posts in exchange for the generation of good content.
  • Niche blog: these are blogs that ‘exploit’ a market niche on which about 10 posts are created that respond to everything that has to do with that niche. A niche can be: dog food, it only talks about that topic and it usually has fixed entries, it is not updated regularly.
  • Brand blog: they serve to retain users with a brand by sharing content that has to do with it. This brand can be personal or corporate. Some companies have both a corporate blog and a brand blog, such as Vodafone’s

Examples of blogs

  • . Called Citizen, it’s the IBM corporate blog.
  • . Starbucks corporate blog where they publish news related to their stores and more.
  • . The blog of the building brand that has achieved great success for its valuable content.
  • . The most attractive thing about this blog are its many photographs, in which you can see their cars and what it represents for the team and the people who dream of owning one.
  • Enrique Dans’ blog is one of the most popular in Spain and its topic is technology.
  • . A professional blog, written in Spanish, dedicated to urban art.
  • . All pet lovers can find interesting topics there.
  • . It is a personal blog that treats the topic of blogging and WordPress in a professional way by its author.
  • It covers the topic of blogging, social media, entrepreneurs and more. It has a great community around it.
  • Dan Romero helps other digital entrepreneurs improve their blogs and Internet businesses through SEO.
  • Darren Rowse is a reference in professional blogging.
  • Speaking in Although it does not have a custom domain and a more professional platform like WordPress, this blog has a large community that endorses the quality of the content on marketing and social media by María Lázaro.

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