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The  binnacle is a term used to describe that wooden box located on the deck of the boats and that has a needle that has the function of keeping completely horizontal apart from the movements generated by the tide and that is used to improve navigation in the seas of the world.

It is also used as a notebook in which at first sailors and sailors used to write down all the events that occurred during a journey such as problems, incidents, security measures and other actions carried out and it was even always kept protected during storms and other climatic phenomena since it was a conclusive proof of what happened during the trip.

Currently the blogs are used in many other areas such as research, science , educational entities, private and state organizations of various countries, campers and explorers and many others, in work and academic terms, students and employees make use of this tool to keep records chronologically on project progress, research, analysis , observations , expenses and costs, conclusions and all relevant information for their performance in their work.

The blogs have beetaken to the virtual world thanks to the Internet in a way that is also known as blogs or Weblogs in which a record of articles oriented to a particular topic is kept, although in many cases more than one topic can also be covered since that allows you to give more details about the matter in question.

Examples of blogs

  1. Article editing project – «Friday June 21, 2011, the work project was won. – Saturday June 22, 2011, present the examples to show my way of working.– Monday, June 24, 2011. 52 files of the initials of the assigned project were delivered, and communication was made with the boss, he made the change of project by ordering the edition of 62 letters.

    – Tuesday, June 25, 2011, the first payment was received for the work submitted, and the work to correct the 62 letters began.

    – Wednesday June 26, 2011, the system was shut down and the work was delayed, raising the budget for the repair of the PC.

    –Friday June 28, 2011, the machine was left in working order and continued until reaching the highest number of articles written.

    – Monday, July 4, 2011, the following articles were delivered and half of the letters, receiving the second payment, the new job was reassigned.

    – Friday, July 8, 2011, the rest of the letters and 10 articles of the new project were delivered. »

«School work log

Monday, April 22, 2015

Spanish Study, 9:15 AM

– Practice reading in prose, 5 minutes per student.

Result, 15 of the 18 students who read reached excellence, the remaining three must do reading comprehension practices.

Math Study 10:20 AM

– Practice and use of first degree equations.

Result, of the 36 children in the class, 12 did not understand the basic principle of the equation, the rest are in excellent working condition.

12:10. P.M”

  1. Assembly machine log

– 6:00 am. Turning on the machine

Start of work on behalf of the worker Pedro Pablo

-7:00 am. Prior maintenance and updating of work material.

12:00 m. Change of worker per shift.

Juan Salsa begins work

3:00 pm. machinery surveillance and control.

6:00 pm. Verification of machinery handling by operations manager

8:00 pm. Change of worker. Machinery delivery without any novelty.

  1. School work log

Monday 20: start of sports activities. Contests and tournaments on the occasion of anniversary week

Tuesday 21: Inaugural Mass of the new recreational space within the institution

Wednesday 22: Recreational activities of traditional dances and games performed by students under the guidance and supervision of assigned teachers.

Thursday 23: selection and coronation of the institution’s queen

Friday 24: End of anniversary week. Music and dance festival with the participation of school dance groups and parties.

  1. Culinary activities log

6:00 am. Preparation of tasting dishes for diners’ breakfast.

8:00 am. Table and plating removal and service of hot drinks and desserts.

9:00 am. Removal and maintenance of area. Preparation for making food dishes for lunch.

12: 00m Service of reception and delivery of food made special for the occasion within the activity in the space designated for the hour.

1:00 pm. Withdrawal of served dishes and delivery of desserts and hot and cold drinks.

3:00 pm. Cleaning and picking up utensils used for the kitchen and service

5:00 pm. Storage of leftover material for the next day. Leave everything clean and tidy

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