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Examples of Black Stories

Black stories is defined as the card game in which the players must solve certain situations that arise, in this game up to 20 players can participate.

Among the players, a narrator is chosen who will be in charge of saying yes or no to the questions they ask while the others try to solve the problem.

5 Examples of Black Stories

  1. Face: it is the elevator to which the woman wants to go up the elevator given that her husband is dead.
  2. Back: since the hospital could not do for her husband, the doctors send him home where an artificial respirator will keep him alive. For this reason, when the woman returns home and sees that the elevator does not work, she knew that there was a power outage and that her husband had died because the respirator works with electricity.
  3. The elevator man: this man lives on the tenth floor of a building for that reason every day he takes the elevator to the ground floor to go shopping and for his work. But whenever he returns, he takes the elevator to the seventh floor and takes the other three stairs because he does that.
  4. The man from the bar: a man enters a bar and asks the bartender for a glass of water and he bends down and makes him look for something and what he takes out is a gun and points at the man who asked him for the water, the man at the see this says thank you and leaves and goes.
  5. Death and the field: they find a man in the field and next to him there is an uncovered package. Everyone wonders how he died.

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