Examples of birds of prey

The birds of prey are those who use their claws and beak to capture prey so they can feed themselves . For this reason, raptors need to have a developed beak and sharp claws. The term ” raptor ” derives from the Latin word ” rapper ” which means ” seize “.

Characteristics of birds of prey

They have a downward curved beak with a powerful, massive appearance that serves to cut and tear prey. Its claws are large and sharp. The legs of birds of prey or birds of prey generally have developed muscles and their eyesight is very sharp, allowing them to accurately observe the movements of their prey before capturing them. Raptors are not necessarily large in size; there are raptors of different sizes, even small ones like owls.

Types of birds of prey

There are raptors that have the habit of hunting prey at night, such as owls or owls. On the contrary, there are others that prefer to do it during the day, such as eagles or hawks.

82 Examples of birds of prey, prey or prey

  1. Bonelli’s Eagle
  2. European Alcotán
  3. Egyptian vulture
  4. Autillo Chóbila
  5. Cape Vulture
  6. Snowy Owl Eagle
  7. Philippine Owl
  8. Common Goshawk
  9. Country Owl
  10. Mauritian Kestrel
  11. Great Horned Owl
  12. Golden Eagle
  13. Fraser’s Owl
  14. Royal Condor Eagle
  15. Snowy owl
  16. Australian Alcotán
  17. Spotted owl
  18. Lobulated Vulture
  19. Flying eagle
  20. Griffon Vulture
  21. Bold eagle
  22. Royal vulture
  23. Tawny owl
  24. Fishing eagle
  25. Great gray owl
  26. Black vulture
  27. Carancho
  28. Steppe Eagle
  29. Australian Kestrel
  30. Iberian Imperial Eagle
  31. Kestrel from Madagascar
  32. Royal Owl
  33. Kestrel Ojiblanco
  34. Common hawk
  35. Eurasian Eagle Owl
  36. Red-footed Kestrel
  37. Tagarote Hawk
  38. Lesser Kestrel
  39. Imperial eagle
  40. Kestrel Zorruño
  41. African Goshawk Eagle
  42. Chuncho
  43. Andean Condor or Condor of the Andes
  44. Bonelli’s Eagle
  45. Eleonor’s Falcon
  46. Californian condor
  47. Bengal Eagle Owl
  48. Red-breasted owl
  49. Gyrfalcon
  50. Cafre Eagle
  51. Merlin
  52. Swainson’s Hawk
  53. Berigora Falcon
  54. Blewitt Owl
  55. Maori falcon
  56. Jungle Owl
  57. Mexican falcon
  58. European owl
  59. Saker falcon
  60. Common owl
  61. Borní Falcon
  62. Barn owl
  63. Raptor Eagle
  64. Hawk owl
  65. Pacific Scopshot
  66. Spectacled owl
  67. Saguaros Owl, Elf Owl or Dwarf Owl
  68. Tangmalm Owl
  69. Guatemalan Owl
  70. Royal kite
  71. Acoralled Owl
  72. American Pigargo
  73. Osprey
  74. Western Imperial Eagle
  75. Secretary
  76. Long-eared owl
  77. Burrowing Owl
  78. Siguapa
  79. Minimal Owl
  80. King vulture
  81. Pearl Owl
  82. Peregrine falcon

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