Examples of Bibliographies Vancouver

There are many methods that establish rules for writing a written project. One of them is the Vancouver Style.

The bibliographies Vancouver is a way of creating the bibliographies of the publications oriented to the health area, a section that is mandatory to leave the references of the information reflected in a written research work.

A bibliography is a numbered list of bibliographic references that must be written according to the order in which the text extracted from those references appears in the development of the work. Although references may also appear that have not been cited in the text, but it is better to only mention cited references.

Examples of Vancouver-style bibliographies

  1. Estapé Rodríguez J, Doménech M. Nursing and cancer. Barcelona: Doyma; 1992.
  2. García Férriz P. Electrophysiology of cancer: why and how cancer occurs. Madrid: Science 3; 2006.
  3. Grandson of Antonio I, Gómez de Cádiz Villarreal A, Aragón Lavale D, Flores Bernal L, Vega González MA. Family nursing versus pediatric nursing. An Spanish pediatrics Publication Of the Asoc Española Pediatría (AEP). 2000; 53 (5): 395-8.
  4. Pérez Machado G, Marcos Dauder R (dir). Genetic polymorphisms and thyroid cancer [Thesis]. [Barcelona]: Autonomous University of Barcelona; 2006.
  5. Sanz Penon C, Sánchez Linares A. Protocolize nursing activities. Fundamental nursery. Rev ROL Nursing. 2001; 24 (1): 67-76.
  6. Veiga Rodríguez M, Seoane JA (dir). The nursing professional in the advance planning of care. [A Coruña]: University of Coruña; 2016.
  7. Establishing an African Association for Health Professions Education and Research. Washington (DC): National Academies of Sciences; 2016.
  8. Arnetz JE, Zhdanova L, Arnetz BB. Patient Involvement: A New Source of Stress in Health Care Work? Health Commun. 2016 Dec 7; 31 (12): 1566-72.
  9. Fontaine D, Keeling AW. Compassionate Care Through the Centuries: Highlights in Nursing History. Nurs Hist Rev. 2017 Jan 1; 25 (1): 13-25.

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