Examples of bathroom renovation budget

Bathroom renovation

If you are thinking of reforming the bathroom in your house, room, or apartment, it is important that you take into account some aspects before starting the reform plan.

The first thing to keep in mind is that you can include a bathroom renovation in your budget. In this sense, it is important to note that it includes:

  • Coating on floors and walls
  • Reorganization or restructuring of pipelines.
  • Bathroom furniture , including accessories.
  • Installation of faucets and bathroom fixtures.
  • Smooth floors and walls.
  • Remodeling of electrical and plumbing equipment.

Steps to follow in a bathroom remodel


The first thing that must be carried out is the demolition or collapse of the design that is currently elaborated or embodied, that is why the structure must be dismantled as well as the facilities. After demolishing what you want to modify, the debris must be removed. In this sense, it should be taken into account that this is part of the budget that is going to be put together.


At this point, the most important thing in a remodel is the restructuring of the spaces and furniture that are inside the bathroom. Modifying the electrical system, plumbing, plumbing, drainage, toilet seats, and more is part of this point.


It is the next step after the installations, the remodeling inevitably includes a reform of the structure and visibility of the bathroom in terms of finishes, floors and walls, as well as the furniture that it will include.

Sanitary equipment

Sinks, furniture, shower trays, toilet, among others. The current offers and trends are very varied and the options, thousands, with which you can choose and decide when changing and renovating your bathroom.


It is perhaps the most important aspect of all, the money with which it is intended to have when wanting to remodel this space. In this sense, it is important to note that the budget may vary according to the demands you have.

Examples of bathroom renovation budget

  1. Simple budget:
  • Demolition: $ 250
  • Facilities: $ 700
  • Coating: $ 800
  • Sanitary: $ 800
  • Furniture: $ 400
  • Total: $ 2950
  1. Modern budget:
  • Demolition: $ 450
  • Facilities: $ 1000
  • Coating: $ 1000
  • Sanitary: $ 1500
  • Furniture: $ 1000
  • Total: $ 4950
  1. Average budget:
  • Demolition: $ 350
  • Facilities: $ 800
  • Coating: $ 800
  • Sanitary: $ 700
  • Furniture: $ 600
  • Total: $ 3,250

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