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Examples of Barbies

There is no self-respecting girl in the entire first world who has not once played and owned a Barbie. It is one of the most famous dolls in the world despite its tiny size and not allowing many more possibilities than what your imagination offers you, with permission from the changes of looks that can always be devised.

In this way, this doll that has been on the market for more than half a century is the protagonist of even its own museum and has served as a playground for millions of girls around the world of different generations, a time that has given much. And it is that there are not few examples of Barbies that we can find, here the most outstanding ones.

Examples of Barbies:

Barbie Princess
Barbie Hairdresser
Barbie T-shirt
Barbie Dance Queen
Barbie Nightclub

Barbie Working Mother

Barbie Vampire
Barbie Twilight
Barbie Japanese
Barbie Argentine
Barbie Chinese
Barbie Egyptian
Barbie Peruvian
Barbie Portuguese
Barbie Russian
Barbie Venezuelan
Barbie African
Barbie Spanish Barbie

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