Examples of banner ads

The advertisements are messages conveyed through images, audio or text that try to influence purchasing preference of people.

The advertising has been around since before there was the media mass we know today. By then, the ads were only displayed on paper, in pamphlets, posters or newspapers.

It is very important that each product manages to be driven by really effective advertising ads . They must be clear, focused and above all original. For this, several marketing strategies must be drawn up to attract the target audience, all inspired by a market study .

20 examples of banner ads

  • Element of Surprise: Volvo Trucks The Epic Split Feat

This video managed to capture the attention of some 82 million people, who felt great interest in seeing a world famous figure like Jean-Claude Van Damme performing a risk split between two buses at high speed, all in order to promote the idea that the brand’s trucks are stable and easy to carry.

  • Clear and concise message: “Ridiculously thick yogurt”

With this ad, Fage wanted to be direct and realistic, expressing how thick its yogurt is, a characteristic that all consumers of this type of dairy look for.

  • Surrealism: Elaine’s Bagels

Another example of an ad with a direct message is that of this brand, which to present its onion-flavored bales, mixed both elements, but in a creative way. I could be a funny ad sample .

  • Humor: Light Mayonnaise

Kids love that ad because it’s kind of funny. As adults, it evokes the time of games and makes us understand that this mayonnaise is so light that it does not even represent a weight in the ‘seesaw’.

  • Outdoor advertising: Smart

With this image, Smart shows that its car is so small that it hardly appears on a standard advertising medium.

  • Provoke sensations and emotions: Sensodyne

With just one image, Sensodyne users may know that with that toothpaste they can safely chew anything.

  • Creativity: FedEx

In this way, the most famous shipping company in the world wants to show how easy it is for them to link people from anywhere through their service.

  • Image that matches the slogan: Aspirin

His slogan is: “Aspirin, strong against pain” and this image is able to capture such a message.

  • Character Union: Nike Football Winner StaysMillions of people enjoyed an ad where, in addition to showing the stars of current football, it manages to mix with another hobby of many: Marvel.
  • Evoking emotions:

If it is about inspiring needs, with this image the box office company makes people who work a lot in an office want to have something similar, which translates into vacations.

  • Enhance the experience: Hakle

Their product is so good that no matter where you use it, it will enhance your experience and change the way you see things. This is what we can see in Hakle’s toilet paper ad.

  • Comparative elements: BMW

With the graph it shows in an analogous way what they express in the text: “More power, less consumption”.

  • Raising awareness: Firefighters

Just one example of the consequences of smoking cigarettes. It is an image that really needs no explanation for the user.

  • Using known elements: Nescafé

When using a figure that many know, giving it a touch of creativity, it manages to attract attention for the new element with which we are not used to seeing or relating such a figure.

  • About feeding: OSRS

Another of the examples of ads that tell us exactly the same in the image and the text: “Your child is what you eat.”

  • Organic food

An image that explains very well what organic food means to our body: it makes us stronger and more natural.

  • Proving why to prefer them: Boddingtons

In this way, it is suggested that this drink was enjoyed much more when it was very cold. They wanted it to be compared to enjoying a cone ice cream.

  • Using a “negative” element

It seems to be a bit risky, but no. In this ad we want to explain what it could cause if juice drops come into contact with the eyes, and only because it is 100% natural: with a lot of vitamin C.

  • Fictional side effects

Through showing the fictitious effects that a product can have, it is intended to make known the sensation it causes in consumers.

  • Raising awareness in another way

Although many people may be offended, this image tries to make us understand the importance of keeping the body healthy.

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