Examples of b2b

The b2b is used for the sale of products and some services of the companies, it has some characteristics that make it different which must be taken into account when defining some aspects.

It is important to know that not all companies have the same needs and when using b2b it becomes a bit more difficult for the message to reach customers.

10 Examples of b2b

  1. The newsletter this tool is used to get out of the seriousness a bit, in which news of an informative nature is shared but from another point of view.
  2. Raise the Bar chooses the best stories about the world of industries, with this tool you can find the information you are looking for without much effort.
  3. MYOB with this tool you can make different information and decisions, either financial or accounting. According to the needs of each company.
  4. Unbounce this is a page which is ideal to successfully carry out any type of experiment and close your project with a flourish at the end of the year.
  5. Deloitte is an efficient company to provide the best professional services thanks to its specialization in consulting and technology, it works with a large number of companies.
  6. Instagram this page of social networks is very important for b2b since what is sought is to always maintain the human element. For this reason, companies must always keep social networks in mind to give a better job.
  7. Zendesk Engineering is a company that is responsible for offering the best solutions for companies to give the best products.
  8. With b2b, companies have the opportunity to provide the best products to their customers.
  9. Currently the work is much easier when it is handled through b2b since you can do it from anywhere and at any time.
  10. NextView with this page you can create external content only it must be executed properly.

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