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Examples of autonomy


Autonomy is defined as a set of characteristics and capacities that a person or entities have to make decisions and face them on their own; It is the ability to stay without depending on other people.

When speaking on a personal level, this concept is used to indicate someone who has ceased to be under the support and control of parents or guardians, being most of the time when they have reached the age of majority, although this is relative It may take more years for a person to be fully autonomous, which depends, among other factors, of society and economic status.

Examples of autonomy

  1. Deciding for yourself to quit smoking
  2. Perform a specific sport for pleasure and on your own
  3. Dress the way you see fit, without thinking about what others will say.
  4. Do not do what others do for fashion or imposition
  5. Go on a trip and cover all expenses
  6. Study a career for your own pleasure and decision
  7. Leaving a space where you do not feel comfortable with yourself or with others
  8. Listen to a certain type of music
  9. Select a political ideology based on your own opinions
  10. Have a personal religious belief without the need to belong to a particular religious group.

The person who has achieved autonomy can meet their own needs such as food, shelter, clothing, entertainment and other basic needs to survive and always develop within the legal framework of society. When talking about educational entities , companies or other organizations, autonomy occurs when said entity can organize, plan and maintain a government with its own resources , this may vary depending on whether it is an educational, institutional, business or governmental entity. .

This concept can also be applied to the moral values of the human being. It can be applied to people who have the ability to differentiate between good and bad, to know what actions are correct and also to determine when something is unfair, based on this they can act in a way that does not affect anyone with respect to the decisions that take already the things you do. It is necessary to remember that the values ​​of a person can be different depending on their social and economic environment.

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