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Examples of autonomy at school

Be independent people according to our capacities, skills, environment and age; It is a duty that we have to instill in ourselves since we are aware of it; power to do countless tasks that each individual achieves at their best, with the examples of autonomy at school  that we will specify below. Attitudes that both parents and children must constantly stimulate respectively (parents to children, the latter to themselves) in order to develop in those who represent the future; agility, insight, common sense, among many other intellectual and physical virtues .

Examples of autonomy at school

Initiative; Every student must be aware that he does not always have to wait for his teacher and other directors of the various educational institutions he attends: to ask him if he has understood certain academic points or rules , for him to express his doubts regarding such aspects, given not fully understood them.

  • Either at the time of the educator’s explanation and the student’s non-understanding, or after the end of the class / communication; the student must have the ability to determine to go to his teacher / speaker to comment on what worries him or needs to explain in detail / in another way to capture such information.

Motivation; students should feel free to choose for themselves, all (or most), extracurricular chairs. Such power allows them (stimulates) to investigate their tastes and discover for themselves that they could be an excellent student.

  • Generally, some parents want to control every movement of their children even within educational institutions, and even a large percentage of them want their descendants to carry out certain tasks (fulfill dreams) that they could not carry out in their youth, without even thinking for a moment. If such an activity is what your children are attracted to, are passionate about or would like to at least experiment with.

Confidence; Despite the fact that a student has the ability to easily grasp what is taught and taught on an intellectual and practical level: if he is an insecure, fearful and shy individual most of the time, or is unable to master such attitudes His talents are not They will neither glimpse nor achieve, evolve them!

  • Students should be aware that; Not knowing certain things does not represent a lack of intelligence but a need for knowledge, asking is not foolishness but interest, and that to be wrong is not to fail but to learn. That they should not feel ashamed; for not knowing certain things, for asking, let alone for failing, because precisely for this they are being instructed. To learn! And they will only do it magnificently; releasing / controlling their insecurities along with the many more that are manifesting themselves, and flooding a solid confidence in themselves.

Educate a child well and you will be forging a better tomorrow for that same being and for the rest that will coexist with him. Every good action / example and instruction adds up, and to promote these just indicated 3 examples of autonomy in school  as basic and priority tools in the teaching / learning of absolutely every student, their excellent consequence will undoubtedly be: significant and of great impact totally inclined to the positive, in today’s society and in that of the future.

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