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Examples of Attitudinal Content

Attitudinal contents are defined as those elements that have to do with values, beliefs, norms and attitudes, these generally always leave a teaching.

This type of content can never be taught in the same way, but they have a real importance so they should never be absent both at home and in the education and training of children.

5 Examples of Attitudinal Content

  1. Talk about drug use: In an institution, specialized staff are directed to give talks about the negative effects of drug use and at the time of explaining to students through slides and videos the harmful effects that student use has they have a negative reaction towards them. So it can be said that the message that was wanted to be given was accepted and captured by the students.
  2. In an act of the school to celebrate the family hug, the representatives and students are invited to share an afternoon with the family in which a talk will be given on the importance of the family through videos. By the reaction of the people who were present receiving the information, it was noted that the message touched his heart, thus strengthening the value of love, respect and humility.
  3. In a philosophy class in teacher, through an article on the importance of life and the decisions that people make, he makes his students reflect and asks them what they want to achieve in life, if they know how to be happy by thanking what little or not much that life gives them.
  4. Values ​​must be instilled in human beings from when they are young so that they become aware of the acts they do.
  5. This type of content is always practiced since it is about the attitudes that human beings take towards life.

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